Welcome to my website

Hey there – Welcome to my site!

I’m Gail, and I’ve authored two novels that I plan to publish soon – I just need to locate a good agent who’ll love my stories and characters as much as I do. Or maybe I’ll choose to self-publish. As of the writing of this article, that decision hasn’t been made yet. There are pros and cons to both, and at the moment, I’m leaning toward self-publishing, which will get the books out into the big wide world much faster.

Lightning on the Levee

Lightning on the LeveeMy first novel is titled Lightning on the Levee. It’s about a young woman, Molly B O’Connor, who was abducted by aliens in 1908 and deposited into our current time during a hurricane in New Orleans. She’s even still wearing the 1908 dress and hairstyle when she finds herself suddenly and unexpectedly on the levee of the Mississippi River in the driving rain.

Molly B’s arrival is seen by Flint Arrington, a suicidal young man who traveled to New Orleans hoping to be drowned in the storm’s tidal surge. He grabs her hand and runs, whisking them both off to safety. And then… More. Stuff. Happens. 😳 I hope you’ll look for the book when it comes out to get the whole story.

Dragon Moon

My second novel is Dragon Moon. It’s about a girl named Bronwyn who lives in a remote village in a Medieval Celtic-inspired fantasy world that has had an evil spell cast over it. Bronwyn’s dying grandmother tells her about a prophecy spoken over her by a wizard when she was young – a prophecy that she now knows was meant for Bronwyn.

So Bronwyn’s grandmother sends her on a quest to identify, locate, and destroy the source of the evil spell. You’ll need to read the book when it comes out to follow Bronwyn’s quest and find out about all the people she met and all the things that happened to her along the way – and whether or not she succeeded in her quest.

My Blog

They say that one’s blog is supposed to be very focused on one topic only. Well, I guess apologies are in order, because you won’t find that here. I write about whatever topics interest me at the moment, although I do try to keep it within certain areas. You’ll find articles about writing, art, history, travel, music, health & wellness, food, and my own life stories, in addition to some beautiful special occasion quotes. You won’t find me branching out into writing about politics, religion, or conspiracy theories. (Although I do find conspiracy theories intriguing – they can be great inspiration for fiction writing.)

And occasionally I’ll viciously prune my blog and many of my posts will simply disappear forever. I might decide that nobody really wants to spend their precious time on my website reading about the origins of Nashville Hot Chicken, so if you like an article, it might be a good idea to let me know.

My Social Media

Welcome to my social media, where you’ll find different content than you find here on my blog.

I’m especially excited about my newest social media addition, PlotPalooza! One of the classical musicians (was it Bach, Beethoven?), when asked where he got all his ideas, he replied that he had so many ideas, that he tripped over them every morning. PlotPalooza was conceived to be inspiration for writers. So if you want to write – be it short stories, novels, poetry, or song lyrics – and need ideas to trip over regularly, you’ll definitely want to watch out for my PlotPalooza posts.

In my socials, you’ll also find links to jewelry, art, or other things that I make and are in my shop.

If you want regular updates from me, my social sites are where you need to be. Just go to your favorites and follow me there. Please. 😊 Links are at the top of the sidebar. Or below if you’re on your mobile device.