I’m really excited about my newest series of social posts – PlotPalooza!

What in the world is PlotPalooza?

Sometimes I have no inspiration for writing. None. Zero. Nada. I’m sure I’m not the only one who occasionally has this happen. So I asked, what can I do to help myself and other writers through that creative dead zone?

I can show you how I get through it, with images and fun little exercises!

A large portion of my system involves thinking of individual bits of ordinary life as inspiration for story lines, characters, plots, and more.

For example, a young man I know recently traded in his sleek sports car for a massive pickup truck. When we think this through (in an impersonal way – not pertaining to this particular young man, but a young man from our imagination), there are questions that we can ask that would inspire an entire story line.

Our first question might be, “What would make him trade in a sports car for a huge truck?” Once we answer that question from our own imagination, then we can delve deeper into his situation, asking and answering more questions, until we have our entire story outlined. Ask enough questions, and we can even find his name and his occupation and his relationships, all formulated from our own imaginations.

So what is PlotPalooza?

…to IGNITE your imagination…
…and EMPOWER your writing.

Every week I bring you inspiration for story lines, plots, characters, and more. You can find PlotPalooza on my Instagram and Facebook, so be sure and follow me there!

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Welcome to PlotPalooza!