Lightning on the Levee

Depressed over his broken engagement, and laid off from the best job he’s ever had, Memphis television director Flint Arrington travels to New Orleans, hoping to be washed away in the tidal surge of an impending Cat 5 hurricane. Shocked by the sight of a young woman materializing nearby, he impulsively grabs her and runs, whisking her to safety from the storm as they are pelted by the first stinging drops of hurricane force rain.

Wealthy sugar heiress Molly B O’Connor, abducted by aliens in 1908, has only one desire – to go back home. But Flint’s lifelong friend, government scientist Roger Everett, convinces her that going home is impossible.

Molly B learns to navigate today’s society, and because of her budding relationship with Flint, abandons hope of returning to 1908. But when it’s discovered that the aliens want her back, can Flint protect her from being abducted again? It’s inconceivable that they can hide from the aliens forever. Or is it?

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