Comeback Sauce – Mississippi’s House Dressing

The true story of Comeback Sauce starts in Jackson, Mississippi, way back in the 1920’s. How Comeback Sauce was invented – It all started with the price of currants in Greece. Yes. Really. Here’s how: In the 1890s, currants were the major export product of Greece. Currants are basically raisins, but from a different variety of grapes than what we’re usually accustomed to here in America. But in 1893, the price of currants in the international markets fell rapidly and…

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bamboo forest (not Uncle Allie's)

Uncle Allie’s Bamboo

My mother came into this world with a speech impediment. You’re probably asking, “What does that have to do with bamboo?” Hang on and I’ll get there (by the long route). When my mother was a child, she was ridiculed by other children for “talking funny”. These days, we would call that “bullying”, but back then, nobody really cared. There was that saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Which wasn’t actually true,…

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