Gail Brinson Ivey, author of Lightning on the Levee

Lightning on the Levee

“I thoroughly enjoyed diving into your romantic science fiction, Lightning on the Levee. You have an amazing grasp on characters, and how to build tension to create a scene. The description of the storm from the very beginning pulled me in, and I loved having time with Flint and Molly, and seeing their interactions grow.” – Dabney R. Depressed over his broken engagement, and laid off from the best job he’s ever had, Memphis television director Flint Arrington travels to…

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Writing Lightning on the Levee

LIGHTNING ON THE LEVEE BEGAN WITH A DREAM, a literal dream, where the dreamer awakes from sleep with a vision and a memory of scenes and events. I wrote down the dream, as I frequently do. Instantly, I knew that this one had to become a book, rather than to lie forgotten in a growing stack of filled-up yellow pads – what a certain songwriter called “Yellow Mountain”. And so it became the opening scene for Lightning on the Levee.…

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