Lightning on the Levee

Depressed over his broken engagement, and laid off from the best job he’s ever had, Memphis television director Flint Arrington travels to New Orleans, hoping to be…


Dragon Moon

A cloak of living, writhing, pulsating fog has descended upon the kingdom of Smaragaid. Bronwyn, in the remote village of Mohrvale, seems to be the only one…


Gail Brinson Ivey
Writer. Dreamer. Music Lover. {Author of Novels}

𝐖𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐨𝐟 𝐍𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐬 𝐒𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐬 𝐀𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐭!

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Lightning on the Levee by Gail Brinson Ivey, Author

Lightning on the Levee

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LIGHTNING ON THE LEVEE, a novel by Gail Brinson Ivey, is planned to be the first book in the Science Fiction/Time Travel series THE ARRINGTON FILES, with Flint Arrington and Molly B O’Connor.

Dragon Moon by Gail Brinson Ivey, Author

Dragon Moon

Coming Soon in my SHOP!

DRAGON MOON, a novel by Gail Brinson Ivey, is the first book in the Medieval Celtic fantasy series ERA OF ANCIENTS, with castles, fire breathing dragon, wizard, faeries, magic, prophecy, and the maiden warrior Bronwyn of Mohrvale.

What readers are saying...

“I just want to tell you that I am SO loving DRAGON MOON! I could not put it down!”

Deanna S.

Beta Reader, Dragon Moon

“I thoroughly enjoyed diving into your romantic science fiction, LIGHTNING ON THE LEVEE. You have an amazing grasp on characters, and how to build tension to create a scene. The description of the storm from the very beginning pulled me in, and I loved having time with Flint and Molly, and seeing their interactions grow.”

Dabney R.

Literary Agent, Lightning on the Levee

“This book – DRAGON MOON – is the kind of book that could set off a trilogy like Lord of the Rings.”

John B.

Beta Reader, Dragon Moon

Gail Brinson IveyWELCOME!

I’m Gail Brinson Ivey, author of the romantic science fiction novel Lightning on the Levee and Celtic-inspired Medieval fantasy novel Dragon Moon. Both are currently in the process of being published.

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Lightning on the Levee by Gail Brinson Ivey, AuthorLightning on the Levee, opening scene

A sudden crack of lightning tore through the darkness, striking an antenna on one of the tightly moored tugboats and illuminating the choppy, angry water and riverbank park. Flint had been in deep thought when the lightning had struck. Jump now, or wait for the tidal surge to sweep me away?

Turning away from the dark and turbulent Mississippi River, he paused, studying the sky, his hand on the cool metal railing. The thin, moist rail was all that separated him from being blown into the river by the hammering gusts of wind. Category 5, they’re saying.

From the corner of his eye, Flint saw a brief flash of colored light in the dark, angry clouds.

Dragon Moon by Gail Brinson Ivey, AuthorDragon Moon, opening scene

A sense of desperation veiled Bronwyn’s face as she ran through the quiet village. Heavy, sinister early morning fog dampened her hair and clothing.

“Mamo!” She shouted as she burst into her grandmother’s small cottage. “Mamo, you summoned me?”

“Yes, my dear Bronwyn.” The old woman spoke from her bed. “But how did you know that I summoned you? I sent no one.”

The air was heavy with the smell of impending death. Panting, Bronwyn took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkened room.

“I don’t know, Mamo. I just felt it.”

Lightning on the Levee by Gail Brinson Ivey, AuthorLightning on the Levee, about halfway…

In Delta, Louisiana, just across the river from Vicksburg, an elderly man made his way to the corner store. His cane clicked on the steaming asphalt pavement as he walked. Everyone in Delta knew him, loved him. He waved at a neighbor sitting on her front porch. Her husband was at work in Vicksburg today – so who is that looking out her front window? His cane clicked along her gladiola-lined sidewalk as he moved closer to her to talk.

“Who ya got with you today?”

“Nobody, I’m the only one home.”

He pointed to the window behind her on the porch. “Thought I saw somebody in there.”

“No, nobody here but me,” she said, smiling. She turned to glance at the window anyway, just as a gray head with huge, bulging black eyes popped into the window. As the woman screamed and ran from her home in terror, her elderly neighbor continued toward her front door, and into her home to investigate.

Delta is a tiny, sleepy town. No one could hear his screams.

Dragon Moon by Gail Brinson Ivey, AuthorDragon Moon, about halfway…

They followed the main street as it spiraled downward around King’s Peak, finally reaching the city gate where it became Kastili Highway. At the city gate, they crossed the moat on the heavy wooden drawbridge with others who were moving in and out of the city. Bronwyn looked to her left, and the eyes of her friends followed her gaze to the trail they had come in on.

And then she looked ahead, studying the wall of fog as it writhed and roiled in front of them. As the wind blew from their left to their right, the fog twisted and pulsated in a circular motion around the circular wall of the city.