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I’m the author of the romantic science fiction novel Lightning on the Levee and Celtic-inspired Medieval fantasy novel Dragon Moon. Both are currently in the process of being published.

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Dragon Moon

“I just want to tell you that I am SO loving DRAGON MOON! I could not put it down!”
– Deanna S. (Beta Reader)

A cloak of living, writhing, pulsating fog has descended upon the kingdom of Smaragaid.

Bronwyn, in the remote village of Mohrvale, seems to be the only one who sees the fog for what it is – a cloak of evil that has pervaded the realm. Ever since the malevolent fog has come, friends and neighbors fight with one another and cheat each other in business. The village animals are affected; hens are not laying and goats give no milk. Even worse, people are becoming sick and dying.

Magic rests upon the males of her family, and although Bronwyn doesn’t realize it yet, it also rests upon the rare female.

Bronwyn’s dying grandmother tells her about a prophecy made by a wizard in her youth. He said, “There is to arise after you, a woman of your family who will have great magical powers. She will have the ability to break the evil spell for all time.”

The old woman tells Bronwyn, “I sense that you, dear Bronwyn, are the one to come who will break the evil with her magical powers.” She charges Bronwyn with this quest: Travel to the kingdom’s capital to identify and destroy the very source of the evil.

But her family’s menfolk have already used their collective magical gifts to try and defeat the evil, and failed. Their best efforts only made the wickedness much worse. Bronwyn wonders, “How can I expect to do any better than they?”

DRAGON MOON. Book 1 in ERA OF ANCIENTS, Medieval Celtic fantasy series with castles, fire breathing dragon, wizard, faeries, magic, prophecy, and the maiden warrior Bronwyn of Mohrvale.

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Dragon Moon, Era of Ancients Book 1 cover by Gail Brinson Ivey

Lightning on the Levee

“I thoroughly enjoyed diving into your romantic science fiction, Lightning on the Levee. You have an amazing grasp on characters, and how to build tension to create a scene. The description of the storm from the very beginning pulled me in, and I loved having time with Flint and Molly, and seeing their interactions grow.” – Dabney R.

Depressed over his broken engagement, and laid off from the best job he’s ever had, Memphis television director Flint Arrington travels to New Orleans, hoping to be washed away in the tidal surge of an impending Cat 5 hurricane. Shocked by the sight of a young woman materializing nearby, he impulsively grabs her and runs, whisking her to safety from the storm as they are pelted by the first stinging drops of hurricane force rain.

Wealthy sugar heiress Molly B O’Connor, abducted by aliens in 1908, has only one desire – to go back home. But Flint’s lifelong friend, government scientist Roger Everett, convinces her that going home to 1908 is impossible.

Molly learns to navigate today’s society, and because of her growing relationship with Flint, abandons hope of returning to 1908. But when it’s discovered that the aliens want her back, can Flint protect her from being abducted again? It’s inconceivable that they can hide from the aliens forever.

Or is it?

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Lightning on the Levee


From the time I was a small child, I’ve always loved to read, and it wasn’t long before I was making up my own stories. I grew to especially enjoy creating realistic, complex characters, who, in essence, became the “Imaginary Friends” of my childhood. Frequently, my protagonists would have major character flaws, which they grew to overcome.

By the time I was in high school, a certain one of my friends and I would write very short stories at home (I wrote mine *after* I finished my homework) and exchange them the next day at school. I still remember the day that I was mortified to be called out in class for “passing notes”.

In college, I was in advanced English classes, where my favorite English professor told me that I should be a writer. For some unremembered reason, I chose a different road, while continuing to write sporadically.

I’ve had articles published in magazines and HubPages, done freelance writing for other professionals’ website content, and blogged on

I’m excited about being interviewed by another author! Be sure and check back soon for that interview.

Lightning on the Levee , a light science fiction / time travel story is my first full-length novel. It’s now in the publishing process, and I’ve started the next in the sequel, with plans for it to become a series.

My second full-length novel is Dragon Moon, a Celtic-inspired medieval fantasy. It’s back from my beta readers and is progressing nicely down the publishing road. It’s looking now like Dragon Moon will be published first! There will be sequels to this, too, along with music to complement the story by Glass Bridge Music.

Ideas, written scenes, and outlines for many more books are simmering on the back burners, waiting to be written.

Please visit me on Facebook and say “Hi!” Or follow me on Twitter. Enjoy reading my blog posts, where I pen about the process of writing, and of being published, along with whatever other random thoughts come to mind.

Thank you for visiting, and happy reading!